Angry Bird Space 1.2.2 (Cracked)

HELLO !! 🙂

Lama tak posting, lagi sibuk hihi.. nahh sekarang sesuai judul, saya mw share game Angry Bird Space 😀 udah tau kan tentang game unyu unyu ini ? 😀 hehehe ini versi 1.2.2 yang udah di crack


  • 20 brand new levels in Utopia!
  • Ten bonus “Space Egg” levels unlocked for each 10-levels you 3-star (basically, one per page of levels)! That is, if you 3-star levels 1-1 through 1-10 of Pig Bang, you unlock Bonus Egg S-1. So to date, there are 3 bonus levels in Pig Bang, 3 in Cold Cuts, 1 in Fry Me to the Moon, and 3 in Utopia. Sorry, none in Danger Zone, which is sort of expected since it is not universally available.
  • Orange Bird! He has a cool new outfit, but his behavior is pretty much identical to the other apps. Sorry, no backstory into how he made it into Space, but we are glad he’s here! It’s also neat to see how he flails about after deflating. Space isn’t going to be kind to the newest member of the flock.
  • Antenna Egg! The shoot-able “Antenna Egg” vaporizes and explodes surrounding items and is available in the bonus “Space Egg” levels. From what we can tell it seems to be quite powerful., so proceed with caution.
  • 2 new Golden Eggsteroids!
  • Boss fight! We assume that this takes place in the last level of Utopia and may be against the “Fat Pig”

Yuk langsung aja download : DISINI

Cara Install :

    • Download dan extract file diatas.
    • Pastikan anda terhubung dengan internet kemudian install game seperti biasa, copy-paste isi dari folder Injector (2 file) ke folder instalasi Angry Birds Space, kemudian langsung jalankan gamenya.
    • Saat game sudah berjalan, ubah mode game menjadi windowed (klik gambar layar di menu game) atau pencet Alt+Tab agar anda kembali ke Windows/Desktop.
    • Dalam kondisi game minimized atau windowed, jalankan Injector.exe dan biarkan jendela Injector.exe terbuka.
    • Kembali ke game, pilih Activate, dan isi dengan sembarang serial lalu pilih Register.
    • Selesai.

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